m.coons · Monday, September 23, 2019

Here is a quick guide to responsible cannabis consumption. This is not meant as a thorough review of cannabis laws and regulations, but more of a common-sense guide to proper behavior.

Responsible Purchasing means…

…only buy from a licensed dispensary.

…buy what you reasonably need at that time.

…only buy for consumption in the state; do not take cannabis out of state or mail it.

…ask questions and understand what you are buying, including proper dosing and frequency of use.

Responsible Possession is…

…always keeping your cannabis in a secure place. It is especially important to keep it safely secured from minors. Consider getting a lock box.

…only possessing what you are legally allowed to have per state regulations. Your budtender will make sure you only purchase what is allowed.

…again, keeping cannabis only in the state where you purchased it. It is illegal to take cannabis out of state.


Responsible Behavior…

…includes not driving while under the influence. Operating vehicles, equipment, or machinery could potentially endanger yourself and others.

…is not carrying an “open container” or continuing to consume in your vehicle or in public. These activities are illegal.

…means being very careful mixing alcohol or other substances after consuming cannabis the effects of each can be compounded and possibly dangerous. There can also be adverse effects with prescription drugs, so consult your doctor before partaking.

…is completely avoiding cannabis if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

…means not giving cannabis to minors; young people’s brains are not finished developing until the age of 25, so avoiding until then is actually preferred and encouraged.



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